Two thousand and seventeen

This coming year, I’m not gonna do the following things.

  • I’m not gonna join a gym in January, saying that I have to get fit, because lets face it, mere mortals simply don’t continue that for more than a few weeks!
  • I’m not even trying to read/study more than I did last year. Reading requires patience. And it can get boring.
  • I’m not gonna start eating “healthier food.” Salads are ghaaspoos. You only live once. Biryani khao. Kebab khao. Shawarma khao. Khush raho!
  • No making attempts to learn a new language. Char aati hain already. Unhi mein apna guzara ho jaayega!
  • I won’t even consider getting up early, especially when it is cold outside. I’m sleeping in. Or watching friends again. But no getting out of bed.
  • No making plans to go anywhere outside Hyderabad and Bangalore, especially those made for Goa. Plans bante hi cancel hone k liye hain.

In short, I’m not gonna have some outrageously, ridiculously impossible resolution, which, as new year resolutions go, are followed only for a week, or at the most, two. Instead, focus on the simple things in life; small, but possible.

Lets try and spontaneously do the possible every morning,(whenever that starts, just saying), and who knows, we’ll suddenly be doing the impossible stuff, hai ki nahi?

After all, agar Donald Trump jaisa banda president ban sakta hai, then there is literally nothing that a Sindhi lounda cannot do.


Happy 2017!


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